You can find many hotels and hostels by looking at the following sites :

Hostels can be found on this web site:

Paris is very well connected with the metro lines. The station nearest from the summer school is Odeon. The station St-Michel is not far neither. You can check the distance between the nearest station from your hotel and the station Odeon or St-Michel on the web site of the Paris metro:

On the Patris metro site, the interactive map gives also the time needed to reach one station from another one.

As an example here are some hotels with indicative prices, you can find other ones on the web sites cited above.
The prices are indicative and may change with the time.

Economical and reachable by metro (check the time needed on the Paris metro site):

At walking distance from the summer school location:

You can also try to get a room at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris by contacting the different houses. You can find the contact of the houses on the menu “The houses” on the web site:

Room sharing

In order to help the participants who want it to share rooms, we have created a google group where you can post your requests and answers. So you can find possible room mates for then booking rooms together.
Here is the link to the google group (you will need to sign in with a google account):