Demos and Posters of "1st GdR MaDICS Workshop on Big Data for the 5G RAN"


The following posters will be presented during both coffee breaks (10h00 - 10h30 and 15h30 - 16h00):

Order by name Poster Title Presenter
1 Big Data Meets Telcos: A Proactive Caching Perspective (poster) Ejder Baştuğ, CentraleSupélec
2 Optimizing MDS-codes for caching at the edge Valerio BioglioFrederic Gabry, and Ingmar Land, Huawei France
3 Combinatorial Bandits Revisited (poster) Richard Combes, CentraleSupélec
4 Communication aspects of Cyber Physical Systems Guido Dartmann, RWTH Aachen University
5 Technologies for actionable insights and predictions in the management of 5G infrastructures and services (poster) Panagiotis Demestichas, Incelligent
6 Big data meets backpressure Apostolos Destounis, Georgios Paschos, and Iordanis Koutsopoulos, Huawei France
7 Mobile video streaming Rachid Elazouzi, University of Avignon
8 Fundamental Limits of Cache-Aided Wireless BC: Interplay between Coded-Caching and CSIT Feedback Petros Elia, EURECOM
9 Online Algorithms for Admission Control in Software Defined Networks Jérémie Leguay, Lorenzo Maggi, Moez Draief, Stefano Paris, and Symeon Chouvardas, Huawei France
10 Partial Caching for 5G Edge Lorenzo Maggi, Lazaros Gkatzikis, Georgios Paschos, and Jeremie Leguay, Huawei France
11 Characterizing and predicting mobile application usage with data analytics Keun-Woo Lim, LIP6
12 Big Sequence Management: Analyzing the 5G Data (poster) Kostas Zoumpatianos, University of Trento; Michele Linardi, Paris Descartes University; and Themis Palpanas, Paris Descartes University
13 Dynamic Cloud Radio Access Networks and User Mobility (poster) Razvan Stanica, INSA-Lyon
14 Anticipatory Resource Allocation for Wireless Media Streaming Dimitrios Tsilimantos, Amaya Nogales Gomez, and Stefan Valentin, Huawei France

Demos from Huawei

The following demos will be presented lunch (12h00 – 13h00) and during the second coffee break (15h30 - 16h00):

Order by name Demo Title Presenter(s)
1 Latency experience of caching at the wireless edge Lazaros Gkatzikis and Georgios Paschos
2 Anticipatory Quality Adaptation for Mobile Streaming: Fluent Video by Channel Prediction Sami Mekki and Stefan Valentin
3 Radio Map Completion Sami Mekki, Symeon Chouvardas, Stefan Valentin, and Moez Draief
4 Bandwidth calendaring: Global network optimization based on Big Data Ioannis Steiakogiannakis, Stefano Paris, Lazaros Gkatzikis, Georgios Paschos, Symeon Chouvardas, Jeremie Leguay, Moez Draief, Meiyu Qi, Yufei Wang, Quangyi Qiao, and Xinchao Liu