Venue of "1st GdR MaDICS Workshop on Big Data for the 5G RAN"

The workshop will take place  at Arcs de Seine, Building A, AUDITORIUM Level B2.


Huawei Technologies
20 Quai du point du Jour
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Public Transportation:

  • Metro 9: Porte de Saint Cloud
  • RER C: Issy Val de Seine
  • Tramway 2: Issy Val de Seine
  • Bus: 189, 126 

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For the itinerary

Entrance of the Auditorium

In order to access the workshop you will have to enter from the right side of Arcs de Seine, bat. B, 18 Quai du Point du Jour, where there is a security office.  Your ID/passport will be required at this point.  From there, please follow the green path until you reach the elevator, as indicated below.