The SDR4All toolbox (Tools4SDR) provides tools to make the USRP plug and play for windows OS. It is composed of:

  • A driver
  • A server as an interface to the radio card. Is used to communicate with the card from Matlab.
  • A DLL to directly communicate with the radio card. Can be use if you want to program real time applications with the USRP.

The toolbox is a freeware software compatible with the daughterboard RFX 2400. If the card is working in transmission, it uses the port TX/RX of the daughterboard. If you are using the toolbox with a version < 1.0.2, if the card is working in reception it uses the port RX2. With version >= 1.0.2, it works with the port TX/RX.


  • Download
    Download latest version of the toolbox
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    Documentation and tutorial wiki