Venue of "Signal Processing and Optimization for Wireless Communications: In Memory of Are Hjørungnes" workshop


There are mainly three locations to mention:

1) Campus and Workshop venue

Workshop venue will take place in the campus in Auditorium EL6, O. S. Bragstads plass, NTNU, Trondheim. For the coordinates, see the marker A from the map above.

A further description for those  who walk to the campus following the given track is as follows: You will end up walking up the hill towards the main building (as illustrated in the enclosed picture). This building can be seen from a distance as it is on top of a hill. You should keep to the right of this building and enter where you see a blue electric locomotive. Inside the building you should keep to the left and find Auditorium EL6, where the workshop will take place.

2) Recommended hotel for the accommodation

The suggested place for the accommodation is Rica Bakklandet Hotel, Trondheim (See the marker B from the map). If you book from a different hotel and want to know how to come to the workshop, you can check the coordinates from the map above. From the hotel to the workshop venue:

  • There is a bus stop outside the hotel (called Bakkegata). Bus no. 22 (to Vestlia) goes through the campus and stops not too far from the workshop venue. This bus leaves every 15 minutes in the morning, e.g. at 08.10 and takes 13 minutes.  (The route is shown here).
  • One could as an alternative get off at Studentersamfundet (at the big red, round building right after the bridge). Then one would see the main building as already shown).
  • For those who want to walk up the hill it is also possible to take buses 9 and 12 (these are also direct buses).
  • Then there is always the possibility to take a taxi, which is quite expensive.
  • Walking, on the other hand,  takes about 20-25 minutes, and is much nicer provided it does not rain.

3) Workshop Dinner

The workshop dinner will be in Rica Nidelven Hotel, Trondheim (See the marker C from the map).

Transportation from the airport to the hotel for the accommodation

By exiting the terminal building of the airport, you find buses to the right that leave every 10 minutes for Trondheim. The closest stop to the Rica Bakklandet Hotel is Søndre Gate (See the marker D from the map). Basically you should from there follow Olav Trygvasons gate eastward, pass the bridge and find the hotel on the right hand side. If you want to take a taxi from the airport, we expect it would run more than 600 NOK.

How to Come Trondheim?

Click here for the detailed information on how to come.