FIREFLIES tackles the problem of Flexible Relaying in Interference-Limited Cellular Network. The research collaboration composes of the research teams of Peking University, China and SUPELEC, French. The project aims

  • To understand the fundamental information-theoretic limits of multiuser relay-aided communication for realistic systems;
  • ŸTo develop efficient codes and strategies with reasonable complexity from a practical point of view;
  • ŸTo jointly design the physical (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) layers in order to optimize the overall performance and to integrate into existing infrastructure in a meaningful way.

Figure 1: Interference relay channel

Figure 2: Two-way simultaneous communications and user cooperation via relay station

In order to achieve the scientific and technical objectives described, the project is structured in 4  tasks.
Task 0: project management
Task 1: relay communication framework
Task 2: theoretical performance limits
Task 3:  practical relaying, coding, and signal processing strategies
Task 4: cross PHY-MAC layer optimization