Kick-off meeting

1st of July 2011 on the campus of PKU


SUPELEC: Mérouane Debbah, Sheng Yang, Pablo Piantanida

PKU: Lingyang Song,  Leiming Zhang, Rongqing Zhang

Technical presentations

  • Random matrices for the relay channel, Merouane Debbah, SUPELEC
  • CSI feedback control game for wireless networks, Lingyang Song, PKU
  • Cooperative strategies for interference and relay networks, Pablo Piantanida, SUPELEC
  • Interference alignment with limited feedback for time-correlated channels, Leiming Zhang, PKU
  • Cooperative diversity via linear relaying, Sheng Yang, SUPELEC
  • Improve physical layer security in cooperative wireless network using distributed auction games, Rongqing Zhang, PKU