Flexible Cache-Aided Networks with Backhauling

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC 2017), Special Session on Caching and Content-Centric Networking, Sapporo, Japan (2017)


Caching at the edge is a promising technique to cope with the increasing data demand in wireless networks. This paper analyzes the performance of cellular networks consisting of a tier macro-cell wireless backhaul nodes overlaid with a tier of cache-aided small cells. We consider both static and dynamic association policies for content delivery to the user terminals and analyze their performance. In particular, we derive closed-form expressions for the area spectral efficiency and the energy efficiency, which are used to optimize relevant design parameters such as the density of cache-aided small cells and the storage size. By means of this approach, we are able to draw useful design insights for the deployment of highly performing cache-aided tiered networks.