A traffic aware joint CQI feedback and scheduling scheme for multichannel downlink systems in TDD feedback mode

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


PIMRC 2013, London, United Kingdom (2013)


In this work we study the problem of channel state
feedback and user scheduling in a single cell downlink wireless
network employing multiple orthogonal parallel channels. The
aspect of the system we are focusing on is stability. For user
scheduling for stability as a performance measure, both the queue
and channel states need to be known by the base station. However
channel states can be known only via feedback from the receivers.
In order to collect CQI feedback from each user at one channel,
a fraction of the available time for transmission is used. This
means that the time left to transmit is getting smaller. We present
a joint feedback and scheduling algorithm which can guarantee
an expansion of the stability region with respect to prior works.
We also provide expressions regarding the distribution of the
time needed to be devoted for feedback at each channel in some
special cases. The proposed algorithm does not need knowledge
of the statistics of the channels and traffic patterns. Simulations
illustrate the operation of the proposed scheme.

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